Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

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Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal


Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal


The Intermediate Service gives your bike a deeper clean.

Wheels inspected and trued

Headset cleaned and regreased

Bottom bracket cleaned and regreased

Drivetrain cleaned, inspected and lubricated

Frame cleaned and polished

* Replacement parts are not included in the package price

* Recommended for every 12 months

Full Service

The Full Service restores your bike to like it was new.

The full service includes stripping down the full bike, cleaning it and rebuilding it with all the necessary parts lubricated.

Individual Repair

We aim to get you back on your bike as quickly and as cost effectively as possible

We carry out a full range of repairs for all types of bikes including electric bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes and kids bikes.

We don’t have a call out charge within 25km of Ballybofey, but we do have a minimum spend of €40.

Safety Check

This ensures that your bike is roadworthy and set to a good standard of safety

Tyres inflated to the correct pressure

Check all nuts and bolts are tight

Basic Service

The Basic Service makes sure that your bike is in good working order.

Seat post and pedal axle check

Check for loose bolts and torque if necessary

* Recommended for every 6 months

The omul (Coregonus migratorius) is endemic to Lake Baikal, and is a source of income to locals.

Among the most diverse invertebrate groups are the amphipod and ostracod crustaceans, freshwater snails, annelid worms and turbellarian worms:

Amphipod and ostracod crustaceans

A «giant» Brachyuropus reicherti (Acanthogammaridae) amphipod caught during ice fishing in the lake. Red-orange is its natural, living coloration

Snails and bivalves

Just had John perform the annual service on our various bikes and service was brilliant. John called at a time to suit us, talked through what was needed on the bikes and payment was straight forward with Revolut. Save associated hassles or bringing all the bikes to the shop and collecting again in a few days.

Left my bike in for repairs, it has had a hard life. came out like new again. It was even delivered home and went through all the works that was completed. Very professional service.

Had The Bike Mobile out this evening to sort the kids bikes. would highly recommend this service to anyone, John is very knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to deal with.

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John came to house and serviced all the children’s bikes after they were left in a sorry state from a leaking shed. All repairs done on the day. Brilliant service, would highly recommend and we will use again. So convenient.

John has the patience of a saint. Running repairs on 2 mountain bikes, not to mention the fact that he all but rebuilt my road bike. Very knowledgeable and very thorough, and so convenient to have it all done here at the house. The bikes are riding like a dream.

Great service from John who travelled twice to us in Leitir. Very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Highly recommend him. Paula & Ian


Lake Baikal

RE: Bike Garage workshop

“I was able to change my own tire and tube, replacing everything in order to have a working bike! I’m so excited because I always watched my dad repair things, but was never allowed to hold the tools myself. I’m also excited to get back on the road.”

RE: Bike Garage + Bike Campaign

Former Mayor of Davis,
Rob Davis

RE: Bike Buddy Program

Thanks so much for matching us up with Marcia and Armando, very new riders in Davis; they are delightful and very appreciative. Sue and I had a great time with them on Friday and I think we were able to help them and give them confidence.

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Lake Baikal is a popular destination among tourists from all over the world. According to the Russian Federal State Statistics Service, in 2013, 79,179 foreign tourists visited Irkutsk and Lake Baikal; in 2014, 146,937 visitors. The most popular places to stay by the lake are Listvyanka village, Olkhon Island, Kotelnikovsky cape, Baykalskiy Priboi, resort Khakusy and Turka village. The popularity of Lake Baikal is growing from year to year, but there is no developed infrastructure in the area. For the quality of service and comfort from the visitor’s point of view, Lake Baikal still has a long way to go.

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Bike Rental that comes to you

Helmet, hi viz and rental extras

Men’s or women’s bikes available in a variety of sizes

Delivery and collection at your chosen location(s)

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Kids Bike Hire

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Family Deals

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Mens & womens adult and kids bikes available in a variety of sizes

An 1883 British map using the More Baikal (Baikal Sea) designation, rather than the conventional Ozero Baikal (Lake Baikal)

According to 19th-century traveler T. W. Atkinson, locals in the Lake Baikal Region had the tradition that Christ visited the area:

Lake Baikal has been celebrated in several Russian folk songs. Two of these songs are well known in Russia and its neighboring countries, such as Japan.

The latter song was a secondary theme song for the Soviet Union’s second color film, Ballad of Siberia (1947; Сказание о земле Сибирской).


Both Bike Garage locations will be closed through January and reopen February 1st.

* Wed hours 9am-noon June thru August.

Lake Baikal


Introducing Bike Mobile Learning. We bring the van, the tools and the knowledge to you. From lunch and learn sessions covering basic bike maintenance to more detailed corporate days learning to be self sufficient on your commute to work to full bike event support.

There’s no better sweeper van for your event than one kitted out with all the necessary repair equipment and the necessary knowledge in the driver’s seat.

Get in touch, tell us how we can help your organisation.

Reduce car trips to school and workplaces while increasing biking joy and safety

The Bike Campaign, along with its counterpart, The Bike Garage, is a 501 c3 nonprofit founded in 2011 to help educate people about bicycling and encourage more people to ride their bikes. We work closely with city governments, county health departments, school districts, and community service groups.

Ice cover survey on the lake

The Yenisey basin, which includes Lake Baikal

In geological terms, the rift is young and active – it widens about 2 cm (0.8 in) per year. The fault zone is also seismically active; hot springs occur in the area and notable earthquakes happen every few years. The lake is divided into three basins: North, Central, and South, with depths about 900 m (3,000 ft), 1,600 m (5,200 ft), and 1,400 m (4,600 ft), respectively. Fault-controlled accommodation zones rising to depths about 300 m (980 ft) separate the basins. The North and Central basins are separated by Academician Ridge, while the area around the Selenga Delta and the Buguldeika Saddle separates the Central and South basins. The lake drains into the Angara, a tributary of the Yenisey. Notable landforms include Cape Ryty on Baikal’s northwest coast.

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Lake Baikal’s water is especially clear

  • Lake Baikal as seen from the OrbView-2 satellite
  • Spring ice melt underway on Lake Baikal, on 4 May: Notice the ice-covered north, while much of the south is already ice-free.
  • Circle of thin ice, diameter of 4.4 km (2.7 mi) at the lake’s southern tip, probably caused by convection

Annual Bike Rides

Lake Baikal

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Lake Baikal is located in Central Asia, almost in the center of Eurasia, in the southern part of Eastern Siberia, and has the shape of an elongated crescent.

Lake Baikal Geographical Position

It lies in a cleft where Asia is literally splitting apart, the beginnings of a future ocean.

The lake basin is located in an ancient rift depression of glacial origin, being surrounded by high peaks of mountain ranges and hills covered with dense forests, which borders of the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia in the Russian Federation.

Geologists say Baikal today shows what the seaboards of North America, Africa and Europe looked like as they began to separate millions of years ago.

More than 5,000 feet deep (1637m) at its most profound, with another four-mile-thick layer of sediment further down, the lake’s cold, oxygen-rich waters teem with bizarre life-forms.

One of those is the seals’ favourite food, the golomyanka, a pink, partly transparent fish which gives birth to live young. Geologists estimate that Lake Baikal formed somewhere 20-25 million years ago, during the Mesozoic.

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